Adult Programs and Services

coached athletes


6 to 12 month contract with individual training plan (includes group training)

group training


12 week sessions of coached group workouts

custom Short Term plans


Short term (3 to 4 month) limited plan

Coached athletes



  • 2-4 hour Orientation meeting
  • Yearly plan
  • Training plan updates / design weekly
  • Access to coach through Email/ Phone/Text as needed
  • Swim practices (small fee)
  • Track Practice with field testing
  • Individual training,  field testing, transition work, training zone development and performance management   (as needed)
  • Individual race plans
  • EXTRA Swim lessons ($15) and open water workshops ($5)
  • Access to ALL Excell Group Training workouts and training session
  • Excell Club events and workshops 


Contract Duration  (6-12 mo) 

Coach Robin 220 monthly/$2500 annually 

Coach Isela $175 Monthly/$2000 annually 



 3 Sessions in 2020: 

Jan 6- March  28, 2020                       April 6- June 28, 2020                  Aug 7- Nov 14, 2020

  • 12 week sessions
  • 1-4 Coached sessions per week (swim, bike, run, strength training or social team event). See various options under "Pricing"
  • Workouts are geared for group and work on form, technique and fitness
  • Limited to race plan help from coach - no written plans provided
  • Private Swim sessions or additional coaching in bike, run, or transition are available for $25/half hour

*These are coached sessions and it is your responsibility to attend  your allotted session on a weekly bases. - NO MAKE UP SESSION ARE AVAILABLE!!! However,  if coach cancels for any reason, practice will be rescheduled. 

Mother nature cancellation are not rescheduled. 

Workout descriptions:

Swim- Workouts are held at U of A Rec Center, our focus is working on skills swimmers will need for triathlon swimming.  Friday Mornings @5:55am

Bike- Workouts are held in a rotating fashion around Tucson and work on bike skills & technique to better perform during a triathlon. Weekends- see schedule

Run- Workouts are 3  track practices and 1 endurance run per 4 weeks, Wednesday evenings @ 6pm, See schedule for locations

Strength- Workouts are to increase your strength for triathlon and use a combination of TRX, small weights and body resistances. Tue @6pm JCC 




2020 Cost (12 WEEK SESSION)

Swim/Bike/Run/Strength OPTION

4-Swim, 3/4-Bike*, 4-Run, 4-Strength/mth 

$432 (full payment) or 3 payments of $148 payable on week 1, 4 and 8

Swim/Bike/Run OPTION

4-Swim, 3/4-Bike*, 4-Run, per month

$324 (full payment) or 3 payments of $111 payable on week 1, 4 and 8

Swim/Bike or Swim/Run or Run/Bike OPTION

4-Swim and 3/4-Bike* per month

$216 (full payment) or 3 payments of $72 payable on week 1, 4 and 8

Swim or 1 sport OPTION

4-Swim or 4 workouts (once a week) per month

$120 (full payment) or 3 payments of $45 payable on week 1, 4 and 8

*Bike- some months have events and could be cancelled due to event, we encourage athletes to race local TT's, Tri or runs (PYOR)

CUSTOM short Term PLANs



  • 3-4 month plan
  • 2 hour orientation meeting
  • Limited access to coach via email/phone/text
  • Swim practice ($40 Mo.)
  • Swim lessons ($25/half hour)
  • Video analysis ($50/half hour)
  • Open water workshops ($15)


Contact Coach Robin for pricing